Come to us!
With four wheels or on two feeds, with two wheels or with four legs you will be welcome!

Il ristorante - vista da strada"Il Fungo"“Il Fungo” (the mushroom) is situated in the mountain village Campaiana (1360 m above the see) which goes back to the 17th century. Here you are served the typical local plates united at simplicity, cordiality and ... good air ! Campaiana is a meeting point and departure of the most important pathes of the tuscany side of the national park from the tuscany-emilian alps. The shady street, in parts on natural ground, and the various pathes (path 56, 58, 64, Airone 1) bring you here, on the top of the “Piana di Corfino” , where real tranquillity has still its home. Il ristorante - esternoHere it’s still possible to see and hear the habitants of the forrest, to appreciate the stars, to pick up mushrooms between the centurary beeches or to have a pleasant walk under the old cherry trees, which had been planted times ago to give shadow to the little houses.

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